Why Therapy

"Treatment, as a form of conversation... is worth having, especially if it helps us to find new things about ourselves that we didn't know we could value." ~ Adam Phillips

People seek therapy for many reasons.  One goal of therapy is to increase your awareness, which in turn can help you understand more clearly your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in the face of a particular problem.  It is often from our deepest pain that we gain insight and the strength to grow into our more realized selves.  

My background is in relationally grounded psychoanalytic psychotherapy which draws attention to the role of unconscious thoughts and feelings, as well as how our past affects our present and is played out in current relationships. The relationship developed between the patient and therapist can be a wonderful tool for change.  What happens in the therapy room often mirrors what happens outside in the world.  By looking at and understanding this relationship, troubling behavioral patterns can be modified and healthier and more fulfilling relationships can be achieved.  Psychotherapy is the process through which you can begin to better understand yourself and life's experiences out of which you can navigate life in a more satisfying, productive, and meaningful way.

The approach I take is mindful of creating a safe therapeutic space that will encourage you to feel comfortable to explore your struggles, acknowledge your vulnerabilities, that in turn allow you to make connections and gain insight.  This in turn can help you have an increased capacity for fulfillment and happiness. Through a mutual collaboration we will begin to understand how your experiences have brought you to this point, and help you to begin to identify, and address the current areas of difficulty in your life.