Therapy is about personal growth and change. 

Are you feeling stressed, confused, frustrated, hurt or sad, or having a hard time managing relationships?  People seek therapy for many reasons. I believe that therapy helps to facilitate insight and understanding that can lead to a more meaningful life and healthier relationships.

If you have found this website you are probably looking for a therapist and navigating the daunting task of what makes for a helpful and effective therapeutic experience.  While the knowledge and experience of the therapist are important I believe a vital element in the therapy process is the fit between you and the therapist.  Through the insight and awareness that one can gain through a positive and safe therapeutic relationship personal growth and self-fulfillment do not have to feel out of reach. 

I believe that therapy in part is about personal growth, and together I look forward to helping you discover and plant the seeds for your personal growth. Please feel free to take a look at my website to get a sense of how I work, and if you would like to meet to see if we may be a good fit, I look forward to hearing from you.